ABSLTA Governance

ABSLTA Governance is taken by the Executive Committee

The following activities forms part of our governance

  • Executive Committee  amends and decides the Business Plan
  • The 3 years plan  is reviewed  annually and amended  accordingly  to the progress or lack of progress  being made
  • The constitution of ABSLTA is to be reviewed every three years and motions to amend the constitution are put forward  to the Annual General Meeting or EGM (Extra-Ordinary General Meeting)
  • The wellbeing of the Executive Committee Members and Members are governance responsibilities. Any incidents of bullying, intimidation or safeguarding breaches are legal responsibilities to take action to ensure that this does not happen again and to issue appropriate warnings  or sanctions. The Executive Committee can terminate anyone from its membership is the breach is considered very serious
  • A report from the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will given out at the Annual General Meetings every year.