Association of British Sign Language Teachers and Assessors (ABSLTA)

The Association of British Sign Language Teachers and Assessors is an organisation committed to the promotion, training, development, and regulation of British Sign Language teachers and assessors in the UK.

ABSLTA is a member led voluntary organisation in the UK

ABSLTA is a proud organisation, where we have many members who have helped ABSLTA to grow into a fantastic association for everyone including BSL and Linguistics Teachers, Assessors & Researchers!

Our aim is to share with BSL Teachers and our teaching experience by offering our human resources and ideas to help improve pass rates, develop teaching resources and teaching practice with modern technology. Our information shared here on Facebook as a closed group is based on years of experience and qualifications, as well as academic support and research. It is crucial for BSL teachers to collaborate and support one another so come on in!

The object of ABSLTA is

BSL Teacher Development

The advancement of education for the benefit of the public in British Sign Language (BSL) as a Primary or second language, by ensuring and enhancing the quality of training of BSL teachers and assessors, and their continuing professional development.

Promoting Equitable Diversity

The Promotion of equality and diversity for the public benefit by:

  • the elimination of discrimination in the education sector on the grounds of being a deaf BSL user;
  • setting standards with regard to the teaching and assessment of BSL in the UK;
  • advocating those standards at local, regional and national level;
  • providing opportunities for members to engage with awarding bodies concerned with the teaching and assessment of BSL in furtherance of those standards.

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Our members have benefited from this organisation through their CPD over the past year, sharing ideas, promoting well-being, and developing knowledge to support each other.

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Our latest News

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ABSLTA is proud to work with the following organisations

ABSLTA is proud to work with the following organisations to ensure BSL Teachers are effectively networked both inside and outside the BSL community and are able to effectively collaborate with others.