is the leading organisation for BSL educators and assessors in the UK. We're dedicated to supporting professionals in various fields, including BSL, Deaf Awareness, Deaf Studies, Deafblind communication, and BSL Interpreting courses. Our membership caters to a diverse range of individuals, from Deaf BSL Teachers to Deaf Instructors, Deaf Teaching Assistants, BSL Therapists, and BSL Teacher Trainees.

Through ABSLTA, members gain access to a wide array of resources and training opportunities aimed at enhancing teaching skills and understanding of Deaf culture and communication. Whether you're an experienced Deaf educator or just starting your journey in BSL, ABSLTA provides the support and community needed for success in your field.

Membership fee


£32.50 a year


£40.00 a year


£47.50 a year

  • Membership entitlements
  • Elected to the committee and trustee
  • Voting rights
  • Invite to roundtable
  • Newsletter
  • Access to Facebook Private Group
  • Access to ABSLTA Member Portal
  • Resources
  • Mentoring scheme
  • Access to BSL Teacher's Lounge sessions
  • Access to BSL TeachHub sessions
  • Conference and workshop
For BSL professionals without Level 3 teaching qualification
General committee
BSL Level 1 resource only
As Mentee
Yes with discount
Tailored for BSL educators with Level 3 teaching qualification
Committee or Trustee
BSL Level 1-3 resource only
Yes with discount
Reserved for distinguished BSL educators with Level 7 teaching qualification
Committee or Trustee
BSL Level 1-6 resource only
Yes with discount