ABSLTA will seek to achieve by:

Providing advice and information to its members and the wider public;

Setting Up forums in which its members can come together and offer each other support;

Promoting the education of BSL and working proactively with other organisations and professions to shape its future development

ABSLTA Vision and Mission Statement

  • ABSLTA Vision

    Nurturing and Development Deaf BSL Teachers since 1989

  • ABSLTA Mission Statement

    High Quality Continuing Professional Development and Networking for Deaf BSL Teachers and Assessors

  • ABSLTA Values

    Our values are aimed at respect for the individual and to provide full range of support for BSL Teachers, Assessors and Verifiers. This can be stated as:

    1. Respect for each individual and for their independence, dignity, autonomy and diversity.
    2. Commitment to ensuring, as far as reasonably possible, that any individual participating in ABSLTA activities can communicate with us and feel safe in doing so.
    3. Professionalism in our services and all the services that we signpost to. The criteria ABSLTA require are high quality, accessibility, inclusiveness and respect for the individual.
    4. Establish partnerships with those who share our Vision and Mission.
    5. Actively challenge unfairness and lack of inclusivity in all levels of BSL Teaching and Assessing.