Equal Opportunties statement

ABSLTA welcomes a diverse, skilled and varied membership and committee in the spirit of working together to promote the interests and quality of BSL Teaching in the UK.

Culture Appropriation

In sharing Linda Day’s article ABSLTA would like to be known to all our members that we do not support Culture Appropriation. ABSLTA was set up to support also empower Deaf BSL Teachers and Assessors. We actively encourage constructive feedback to build the confidence and Skills of Deaf BSL Teachers and Assessors throughout the UK.

Statement regarding Bogus Training

ABSLTA will report any bogus training to:

  • trading standards
  • the relevant regulatory body within the UK
  • awarding bodies

ABSLTA does this to protect the reputation and integrity of qualified BSL Teachers and Assessors.

Statement regarding Black Lives Matters

The ABSLTA Team is sharing a post by Duke Notgnille on the ABSLTA Facebook Page to inform all ABSLTA members about Black Lives Matters and encouraging us all BSL teachers to follow these signs for BLACK LIVES MATTERS. Especially as these signs were chosen by the Black Deaf Group members. It is especially important that we all respect the group’s preferred sign for BLACK.

Statement for Managers and External Bodies

Membership of ABSLTA is primarily for supporting BSL Teachers and Assessors. We welcome Managers empowering their BSL teaching staff to become members of ABSLTA as part of their continuing professional development. Membership is open to individual BSL Teachers and Assessors only as we do not run a separate membership for organisations.

ABSLTA Statement on YouTube Tutorials

ABSLTA is concerned by the quality of some YouTube BSL Tutorials. We have been alerted to these tutorials by qualified and experienced BSL Teachers and Assessors who have contacted us.

ABSLTA Statement on Makaton

Makaton is not a sign language. It is a communication tool devised for people with learning difficulties.

Makaton does use some signs borrowed from BSL. However it is not equal to BSL and cannot replace BSL for Deaf children and adults.

Makaton follows English grammar structure. BSL is a language with its own grammar and structure.